Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system: update dd. 27.01.2013

Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system update dd. January 27, 2013 will include a range of changes and innovations, among which the most significant ones are the following: applications for Wialon (Apps) and the redesigned «Routes» module.

Your own Apps

New version makes possible to place in Wialon Hosting your own applications, developed on the basis of SDK and Wialon Kit.

The right to add the applications is provided only to the upper level user. He adds the applications in CMS Manager within his own account in the «Apps» tab (the application should be initially placed in Web).

Each application is subject to limitations according to the available services, language, tariff plan. After the application is added it emerges as a service at the «Options» tab in the clients’ accounts. You can activate or deactivate the app there.

Apps in Wialon Hosting - update dd. January 27, 2013

The user can call the app from the main tracking interface by means of «Apps» button in the right upper corner. Having pressed the button you will see the list of available applications.

Gurtam Apps and your own developments in Wialon Hosting


Application is opened in a separate window. As an example Gurtam added two applications in Wialon Hosting — «Driving Logbook» and «Routing».

Driving Logbook

Driving Logbook allows requesting a special report for trips. This report specifies the beginning and the end of the trip, its type (work/personal trip), initial and final position, duration, mileage data, etc. Trip type can be changed manually, but the «work» type is stated by default. Besides, the columns, containing user notes, can be added to the report manually. All the changes, made by the user, are logged. This report can be printed and exported to file.

Special report for trips, created in the "Logbook" application



«Routing» app can be used by courier and other similar services. The application enables to set any number of points (addresses), indicate the expected period of their visiting, and then to build the best route. As the points it is also possible to use the geofences and POI, available to the user.

From the additional parameters while building the route it’s possible to use the approximate average driving speed and the time, spent in the point. The result of route plotting is displayed at Google map.

"Routing" app capabilities in Wialon Hosting



The significant modifications were introduced to the «Routes» module.

Now, when creating the route it is possible to optimize the order of points passing. Optimization can be performed within Gurtam, Google, Yandex and Visicom maps. Gurtam Maps don’t support the route plotting upon the roads, but can offer the best order of points visiting (regarding the straight-line distance between them). Other providers support the route plotting upon the roads, but you should create the order of passing by yourself (or defining it by Gurtam Maps in advance). Besides, some providers offer additional options: Google — creating the route «walking» or «avoiding highways», Yandex — creating the route, regarding the traffic jams.

"Routes" module allows to optimize the order of points passing

The Rounds table is also updated. A new interval for fast extraction — «Week», as well as a new round status — «History», when the round was actually finished and deleted from the temporary scale (manually or automatically), was introduced. The option to edit the rounds in the Round table (name, order of points passing, units) is deactivated. Now in one table it is possible to show rounds according to one particular route or according to all the routs at one time.

The sorting of route schedules at the desktop is also elaborated: at first there are schedules with «Relative to day» type , then — «Relative to activation», and in the very end — «Absolute». Inside each group the schedules are sorted according to the time of the first point.

Other innovations


  • The address search by Gurtam Maps is optimized.
  • Column reports now contain  intervals filtration according to trailers. It works similar to the filtration according to driver: it allows filtering intervals according to the presence/absence of a trailer, attached to a unit.
  • Notification for sensor value control is improved. A new TRIGGERED_SENSORS tag is made; it is used in order to form the text of notification, which enables to display all the actuated sensors and their values. Previously it was possible to display only one sensor.
  • Now it became possible to set your own signals for announcing the actuated online-notification.
  • The possibility to limit the period of data storage was added. The term of data storage (in days) can be fixed for each account individually at the tab «Payment» and can’t exceed the term, specified in the tariff plan.

Opportunity to limit the data storage period at the "Payment" tab


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