Something you’ve never seen before: 300 000 units on Wialon Hosting

It’s common knowledge that there is no such an achievement that cannot be improved. Last July Gurtam celebrated an important milestone: 200 000th unit was connected to Wialon Data Center. And by the time you read this post, the number of units, registered in Wialon Hosting, will reach the mark of 300 000!

You must admit that the annual increase by 50% is a performance we can really be proud of. Therefore, I would like to express sincere thanks to all our partners and clients for staying with us and helping us reach new goals. And, first of all, you should praise yourselves for this new significant accomplishment, as it’s mainly due to your efforts.

It sounds like a miracle but four years ago Gurtam celebrated 10 000 units milestone reached in Wialon Data Center. Along with you we’ve been working hard, improving Wialon Hosting solution. Just due to your active participation in forum discussions and Gurtam partner conferences we can stay aware of the way to follow in future. Thank you for useful criticism and suggestions: going forward we’ll enhance Wialon tracking system and open new opportunities for your businesses.

So for the moment the total number of units, tracked all around the world by Wialon system, is 500 000. And the hero of the day is VidBetta – Gurtam gold partner. Due to VidBetta, 300 000th unit today was connected to Wialon Data Center. Thank you for your great job. I hope together with so industrious and reliable partners we’ll continue to set more ambitious goals and certainly reach them!

300 000 at Wialon Data Center

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