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For the first time you’ve heard about it in cold November rain during «Telematics 2013. Autumn» here in Minsk. Then there were several more mentionings and announcements in different articles. To the full extent your could get acquainted with it at «Telematics 2014. Hannover», and anticipated the launch right after «Telematics 2014. Spring». Well than…here comes a new Gurtam flagship product — Wialon Local, welcome.

New Gurtam server product— Wialon Local. Welcome!

Who, what, why?


There was a time when we were up in the clouds and considered the development of Wialon Hosting SaaS solution as more prospective direction, rather than improvement of the only one than, but beloved Wialon Pro server product.

But the market dictates its own terms — unabated demand for server solution hasn’t left us much choice. The main issue was to create a unique, cutting-edge product, obtaining all the advantages of the cloud solution, and preserving the possibility to install it on the customers’ servers. However, the more difficult the task is, the more interesting it gets, doesn’t it? But we finally managed to do it. Very soon you’ll have a chance to buy Wialon Local and appreciate all its pros. And believe me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Pros & …nothing more


Wialon Local — ultimate GPS and GLONASS tracking system. Smartly combines rich functional capabilities and can be installed on the customers’ servers. It is developed mainly for service providers, having from one hundred to several thousand units. Suitable for providing operator services as well as installation on the client’s server. Furthermore, Wialon Local technical specifications presuppose the installation on both, real and virtual servers.

Rich Local functionality fully conforms to our cloud Wialon Hosting solution. In fact Wialon Local is a mask, taken from Hosting. Accordingly, now you have it all: SDK, full list of available Wialon Apps and many more features at your choice. Wialon Local GPS tracking system also has a modular structure, i.e. you can choose additional system elements, which perfectly suit and meet the requirements of your own business. You can easily buy additional modules by yourself, just having chosen the necessary components. By the way, it’s another useful feature and undeniable Local advantage.

Flexibility and effectiveness


Among other Wialon Local pros that distinguish it from other GPS tracking systems — its simplicity together with ultimate effectiveness. We made everything possible to provide this product with rich functional capabilities, as well as to make it very user-friendly. From now on you won’t have to contact your regional manager, any time you want to know the price for a new module and buy it. Also there is no need to obtain deep knowledge of server administration, because the distribution package already has optimal settings for correct Wialon Local work by default. There is no need to raise alarm if you deleted something by mistake — you can restore units, users, device, modem, resource, units group, retranslator, and even routes. You can manage all these alone, without any additional help.

Wialon Local updates will be released once a year according to the current Wialon Hosting version. And it’s up to you whether to renew your Local to the fresh version or to stay with the habitual one.

Our regional managers have already prepared and collected all their moral and physical forces for the flow of your calls, e-mails and requests. So, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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