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The end of the year is a perfect time to sum up the results, forget about the bad times, remember all the good ones and make plans for the next 12 months. The year 2014 was extremely intense and full of various significant events. We’ve managed to do a lot. And today I’d like to dedicate this pre-New Year’s article to our most interesting news, successfully implemented projects and great achievements.

New products, new projects and new possibilities:

  • This year we launched a new Wialon server product — Wialon Local — that has already gained popularity among Gurtam customers worldwide.
  • Performed revolutionary changes in GPS Trace Orange: now it looks like an absolutely new service, attractive both technically and visually.
  • GPS Tag is now free and unified for all Wialon platforms (both iOS and Android versions are available).
  • Released one global and several less crucial Wialon Hosting updates.
  • Launched remote Wialon training and certification program.
  • Created a simplified Wialon Hosting Lite interface.
  • Renewed Gurtam Maps native cartographic service.

Wialon Apps and other developments

In 2014 the list of free Gurtam Apps was expanded by several extremely interesting and useful products: Dashboard, Sensolator, Protocoller. Our partners also made a great contribution: Maxoptra, — significantly broadened the range of services, perfectly working with Wialon.

Gurtam all over the world

Gurtam flag is not the only thing that travels to various countries of the world. Every year the number of events is growing at an exponential rate.

Gurtam all over the world


Yes, we like to travel and visit different events, but we also like to ask our friends to come over. In 2014 we organized partner meetings in Russia, Germany, India, UAE and even in Tanzania on the top of famous Kilimanjaro mountain. And, of course, in Belarus at the annual Gurtam partner conference Telematics 2014. Minsk.

Other sweets:

Gurtam in numbers

Our records in numbers

We broke all the quantitative records:

  • If you look at Wialon products coverage statistics in general, today there are more than 650 000 Wialon units all over the world!
  • We successfully passed a milestone in 300 000 units on Wialon Hosting (today we’re gradually reaching the number of 400 thousand units).
  • We gained many new partners — today Wialon users community consists of 710 companies all over the world.
  • We continue supporting GPS and GLONASS hardware — today our list contains 730 different types.
  • We hit records in Wialon Data Center: maximum users online — 21 101; maximum units online 187 823; maximum messages per minute — 2 339 564.

WDC records

  • We launched our own YouTube channel, attracting new and new subscribers. There you can find numerous training videos, featuring basic Wialon functionality and different Gurtam Apps. During this year we added 36 videos, which were watched 15 018 times.

Wialon & world popularity

Wialon popularity

Internet is a great human invention. The more popular the company is, the more often we see its brand while surfing through webpages. Here they are — the gorgeous Google and Yandex requests, god knows why sending people to our website (authors spelling is preserved):

  • taj girls (hmm, massage therapy?)
  • new year gifts 2014
  • beautiful girls of kuwait had photo
  • lovely indian original girls (taj, indian…other preferences?)
  • keep calm i ‘ m happy because i passed my exam
  • anisa begu taj
  • gurtam dogs (wow! It’s the greatest request for Gurtam docs.)
  • art calendar
  • golf club ambasadori gruzzia (our Georgian conference is still popular)

This year we have: +180 new followers on Facebook; +107 followers on YouTube; +97 in Linkedin and + 75 in Twitter. Join us and follow Gurtam news.

Happy New Year

These are the main events and outstanding numbers of the year 2014. Thanks for staying with us =). And now I wish you Happy Holidays and a joyful New Year!

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